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EDS integrates a catalog of templates meeting specific requirements in the following industries.


Certify truck drivers on specific trust matters such as Traffic and Utility, Diesel Theft, Truck Care, Integrity and Permanence. EthicalData API utility allow our partners to deploy their certification services by mobile app anywhere, within their own work & data environment.

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Private Security

The challenges facing a private security guard are quite different from those of an offshore pipe supervisor. Get better results in your private security recruitment process through content designed to meet trust issues on more than 20 distinctive functions in the world of security.

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Hotel & Resort Risk Management

The tourism industry needs to validate not only aspects of trust, it must also ensure that all staff have an attentive and helpful attitude towards their guests. How you do that? Find out here how emotional analysis allows leading companies in this sector to enrich the information of their trust controls. Faster, easier than any other evaluation system.

Human Resources Anywhere

Today you must hire 5 people. How many people you need to interview by phone? And how many people apply invites to take further evaluations? With EDS send dozens of automatic interview links today - with the exact questions you would ask in live, and with the advantage of real-time trust and emotional analysis. Don't waste your time anymore!

Trust, but verify

Ronald Reagan

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